The Heart Of An Artist

1480704_10152042623062095_2047117304_nA friend of mine posted this picture on FB this morning and the truth of it resonated so strongly within me that I wanted to share some of my own thoughts. The heart of the artist is at the very soul of their creation. With every word on a page, in every dance step, in each note of music, in the broad strokes on canvas, you are seeing their frustrations, their doubt, their joy and their hope. Art is not just a thing to buy, possess, or criticize. It is to be experienced, cherished, and celebrated. I wish more people thought about this when putting on their critic hat. We should all remember that art, in any medium, is not just a thing, but an expression of a person, of their experiences, of the way the see the world. Not everyone will see what the artist sees, or get what the artist is trying to express, but that does not mean others don’t, or that their perspective is not valid.

To me, that is the wonder of all forms of art. One person sees beauty where another sees decay, for we all come to it with our own experience, or own ideas. The mind of the artist and the mind of the audience come together to create something unique and personal. No two people will have the exact same perception or reaction to the same piece of art. It is a true definition of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ To me, that is the true beauty of expression, to meet the artist half way and work to find your own truth in the experience.

What does art mean to you?

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  1. I love this- elegant and simply stated. Art means much the same for me. It’s why I enjoy books, music, and paintings so much. I want to see the world through a different perspective.

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